Thursday, May 31, 2007

"My daddy's weird."

"My daddy's weird. He takes pictures of bugs!" So says my daughter, here caught in the act of bugging me as I take a picture of a firefly.

Two more moths, 30-31 May 2007

These two moths appeared near my front door recently. The top one is a Yellow-veined Geometer Moth (Orthofidonia flavivenata) (GEOMETRIDAE) and the other is a Lunate Zale Moth (Zale lunata) (NOCTUIDAE). Thanks to an expert at the Moth Photographers Group for help with the ids.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A sphinx moth on the doorstep

I take pictures of many insects. On Saturday morning (26 May) I spied a large crane fly on the glass of the front door. I got a couple of poor photos, then opened the door to get an overhead shot. The crane fly flew away, but as I looked down, I saw this wonderful sphinx moth on the door sill. This is a One-eyed Sphinx (Smerinthus cerisyi) (LEPIDOPTERA: SPHINGIDAE).

A new moth on my garage

I got in the car, looked up, and there was a fantastic moth on my garage. I identified it as a Curve-toothed Geometer (also called Purplish-brown Looper), Eutrapela clemataria.